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Welcome to my website! I decided to place all my handmade/crafted products on one website for easy access. Enjoy the art and soothe your skin.


There will be new products listed often so check back with us if you're not seeing what you're looking for. All products/items can be custom made to your liking upon request.

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Lavish Lavender

Hello everyone and welcome to my site. Honestly I almost didn't create this site because I figured it would be too hard, take too long or just not turn out the way I expected...but here I am! I couldn't be happier to put myself and my products out there into the world and regardless of judgement or lack of sales...I'm sticking to it. These products (especially the soaps) have played a huge part in my everyday life so why not help others by sharing them with you. Remember that I started from not knowing anything to creating this website so if there is anything you want to do...JUST DO IT! Go for it! Don't hesitate to put yourself out there because you'll never know if you never try.

Creator: Gabrielle (Ren), 29 years young


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